Beginning Education

To help ensure a child is on the path to educational success, parents should be aware of what they learn at every stage of the education system. Preschool acts as the foundation for future learning, so it’s essential for parents to know which learning skills their children establish early on and what they can do to reinforce lessons at home to help their kids comprehend and learn better.

Preschool is where kids learn about the letters of the alphabet and start understanding the building blocks of words. Kids learn how to spell their own names and the names of those important to them, such as their parents and teachers. To fully learn their letters, preschool students will comprehend the unique sounds each letter makes. Parents can get involved by finding opportunities for children to recognize letters and sound out words.

Exciting Curriculum

  • Simple Math

    Kids in preschool also learn the fundamentals of math, learning how to count on their fingers and count objects around them. This is also a time when kids learn such geometric shapes as triangles, rectangles, and squares. Depending on the teacher, young students might arrange objects in a group or use graphs to better understand simple mathematical concepts, such as learning the difference between gloves and mittens.

  • Colors - Shapes

    Preschoolers also learn about common colors, various everyday objects, and general shapes of things they are likely to experience in their early years. With Montessori training, children are allowed to learn on their own terms through self-directed learning, collaborative play, and hands-on methods. This type of training is unique in that it often allows for deeper comprehension of the subject matter each child is interested in.

  • Observing Science

    A child’s first science lesson experience might focus on learning about the animal kingdom, basic objects in nature, and even each other. Students may have the chance to start a garden, watch water melt from a solid to a liquid, or learn the concept of buoyancy. Parents can reinforce science lessons by watching nature programming with their kids, taking them to the zoo, or planning a trip to a nature and science museum.